«Ok, ora eseguiremo un pezzo che… oh, voglio chiedervi una cosa: quanti di voi conoscono il Blues?»
[in coro] «Tutti!»
[indistinto dalla folla] «Perché un blues amico, ti senti solo?»
«Hai indovinato… ok, eseguiremo comunque un pezzo intitolato “Mo’ better blues”»

“Mo’ better blues”, Spike Lee


5 thoughts on “144

  1. LKBlog


    I’d like to invite you to watch my wordpress site called MendoCoastCurrent. I have five acres and a dog here.

    I’m tracking renewable energy development around the world and especially related to wave energy development on the Mendocino coast (where I have the five acres and a dog…also a cat). But seriously, it has been very interesting to explore environmentally-responsible renewable energy solutions coming down the pike. I’ve been publishing MendoCoastCurrent as a hobby and am considering next steps…obviously, it would be good to have it at its own domain (which I own)…but not your worry.

    My music collection includes many Ry Cooder cds…one in particular has been a background sound in my life here … Mambo Suenos … pardon my mis-spelling. So my question,..are you the real deal or a fan like me?

    Best to you,


  2. Hi there!
    The acres here are forty, and the dog hit the road yesterday, heading south for a new life. The mule is virtual. :D

    ‘Bout your question: no it’s not the real buddy speaking, I’m an ol’ time fan; I picked up my guitar first listening to B. B. King, but I definitely declared my love for her listening to “Paris, Texas”, “Buena Vista Social Club” and “Chicken Skin Music”; “Mambo Sinuendo” is one of my favourites too. I love his feeling, I love his tecnique and I love his mood. Ry Cooder is the end of the road for a certain kind of guitar picking.

    See ya!
    Hope I’ll see you again.

    (And best wishes for your research!)

  3. Roano

    E ita si po..

    ri nai.
    Me prasgiu mera.
    Commenti mia a prasgi cha di poremmu cumprendi de prusu..
    De custu Blues.
    Candu s’incontrausu oli annai t’appa adomandai de middu fai connosci mellu..

    PS.. visto che l’italiano è bandito e non conosco l’inglese

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