Play it again, Avraham

George Deek, cittadino israeliano arabo e cristiano, è vice ambasciatore di Israele in Norvegia.

«When I was 7 years old I joined the marching band of the Arab-Christian community in Jaffa. That’s where I met Avraham, my music teacher, who taught me to play the flute and later the clarinet. I was good.
Avraham is a holocaust survivor, and his entire family was murdered by the Nazis. He was the only one who managed to survive, because a certain Nazi officer found him gifted in playing the harmonica, so he took him home during the war to entertain his guests.
When the war was over and he was left alone, he could have easily sat, and wept and cried over the greatest crime of man against man in history, and over the fact that he left alone.
But he didn’t, he looked forward not backwards;
He chose life, not death;
Hope, rather than despair;
Avraham came to Israel, got married, built a family, and he started teaching the same thing that saved his life—music. He became the music teacher of hundreds and thousands of children all over the country.
And when he saw the tension between Arabs and Jews, this holocaust survivor decided to teach hope through music to hundreds of Arab children like me»